Tuesday, December 15, 2009

As one door closes, another opens

Wow, this blog is so dusty that I had a good sneeze just as I was about to add a new post. I have been so completely absorbed with my online business, Jewelry-By-Aivee.com and my family that I have had no time to update my blog until now.

My apologies to those who followed this blog or somehow stumbled upon it in the past.

Is it too early for new year resolutions? Well, here is one. I am going to work harder to revive this blog from now on!

Here are some good and bad news.

Bad news first: I am shutting down Jewelry-By-Aivee.com come end January 2010. It's been a year long of hard work and of course much fun and satisfaction building up my first online store and of course I am sad to make this decision. But painful as it is, I think it's best for the business. My kids are young and need me alot and maintaining the website has become rather time consuming and also expensive affair. There is only 24 hours in a day and something has to give.

Good news: This is not good-bye to my jewellery business or Jewelry-by-Aivee.com. You can now find my creations at my new etsy store Maggie In The May. This store is new so please be patient with me as I add more new items over the next few months. If you are curious about the strange name, visit my etsy store to find out the origins of Maggie In The May. I think etsy is great! It is so easy to set up, low maintenance and a very affordable platform for a home business like mine.

Please visit my etsy store and tell me what you think! And if you have seen my etsy store, please leave me your comments here.

For those of you who have enjoyed my e-zine on my website, I will be putting up the useful articles about jewellery and fashion here.


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