Monday, December 28, 2009

A New Year and a new work table

Here wishing you a blessed Christmas and a wonderful year ahead!  I hope your new year will be even better and more meaningful than 2009.

I have been busy migrating from Jewelry-By-Aivee to the past month and despite all my efforts, it seems like I have little to show for it :(

Wait a minute! I DO have something to show for it. I have just reorganised my work area and I am proud to announce I now have my very own space to create my jewellery and do some crafting! It's so nice to not have to work from my dining table and clean up every night. Now I can leave a piece of work undone right where I want it and pick it up again the next day.

Here is a photo of my previous work space aka, my dining table. Noticed how neat it is. That's because I was using this photo as my profile photo on my website.

And here's my new work space! Or should I call it a studio, like many other etsyians? It does sound more professional, doesn't it? ;)   You can also see my sewing machine there because I love to sew too. But that's another story for another post. :)

So I hope these improvements will also mean I will be more productive and creative. :)

The next thing to do will be to put up all the useful jewellery articles here.

Better chop, chop, Ai Vee!

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