Monday, April 13, 2009


A few nights ago, I sat down at my computer feeling a little excited as I drafted an email to announce the launch of my website. I hit the send button last night and then had trouble falling asleep! Goodness, you would think that a teenager will feel like that, not a near-40 grown woman! well, i guess you are never too old to get excited about anything! yes yes yes, i'm all excited that my website has been launched! so i'm going to use exclamation marks liberally today!! I don't know what the response will be so i'm biting my nails and holding my breath to see if any sales takes place this week. i remember being so excited a couple of years back when I started my massage housecall service (that didn't quite work out but that's another story).

drum roll.......Ta da! I'm proud and excited to say is up and running!

Monday, April 6, 2009


I've been so busy working on my website that I've completely neglected my blog! Gosh, has it been more than a month already since my last post? Well, that's what happens when you get completely immersed in setting up a website. I wonder if anybody has been completely frustrated with building a website, just like I have. There were hair-tearing moments when the page I just built turned out all wrong. And for a complete novice like me, every formatting choice is quite painstaking. It reminds me of eons ago when Wordstar was the only software available for creating electronic documents. Every bold or italic command has to be typed out!

After 2 months of hard work (and tears), my website is close to completion! I even registered my business today. Makes feel kind of strange to be the owner of a business. In reality, jewelry making is more of a hobby to me. Here's a peek at how it looks like. There's still some finishing touches to add and I shall be able to launch it after Easter! Big thanks and hugs to my hubs for being so understanding and supportive these few months when I've been so into my jewelry making and website that I have neglected him occasionally.