Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sweet Lavender

Before I started this beading craze, I was and still am in love with pearls. Pearls appeal to me because these small beautiful things are natural and made by shellfish. And they come in lovely hues of white, cream, lavender, pink, peach and gold! So, armed with my beginner's skill in beading, I thought I would try to make a baby pearl bracelet for my little girl. After stringing and restringing 3 times, I was finally happy with it. Here it is, a cute little freshwater lavender pearl bracelet with adorable ladybug and leaf charms (only 4.5 inch long).


christine said...

aww tt's so sweet! (: does megan like ladybugs and leaves? -christine

Ai-Vee said...

Yes she luuurves ladybugs!