Thursday, February 25, 2010

Surviving Chinese New Year, in-laws and out-laws

It has been busy busy busy for me this Chinese New Year.  In fact, the lunar new year has not ended yet - it lasts for 15 days and there are a couple more visits and eating sessions to go.  In between the cooking, eating, visiting relatives and surviving 5 painful mouth ulcers, I managed to find some time to make this bracelet for my good friend Carol.  I made them with the lovely lavender freshwater water pearls I bought a while back. I just couldn't resist buying these pearls coz the pearls had a lovely lustre and shape. So organic!

Aren't these pearls beautiful?
Handmade spiral links and clasp

It's on its way to you now, Carol. I hope you like it! And thanks for organising the office Christmas sale for me.


weiz said...

It's gorgeous! Do you make them in necklaces length?

By the way, Kaiera is still loving her pearl bracelet :)

Ai-Vee said...

thanks! I haven't made this for sale yet but yeah sure it can be made into a necklace. am glad Kaiera loves her bracelet. tell her it makes me happy to hear that. :)