Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hooray for Pass in Chinese!

My dear son has been struggling with Chinese since school started more than a month ago.  We are mostly responsible for his poor grasp of the language as we seldom speak Mandarin at home.  It's funny how the national education system here labels Chinese his mother tongue.  The truth is, English IS his mother tongue since that's the only language he speaks!  lol!  Well, as a Chinese in Singapore, you have little choice but to take up Chinese as your second language. So we have been plodding along since, amid much frustrations and tears.  He recently failed his Chinese spelling test. Poor chap was feeling a little down after that (for all of 10 minutes). Sonny and I resolved to work hard to pass the next test.  And so we did work very hard all week to recognise the Chinese characters and pinyin.  Our efforts paid off!  He passed this time. Hooray, son!  We did it!  The celebration is short lived as we will need to soon hunker down to prepare for the next weekly test. :(

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