Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting it right

I hate to say this but it must be a sign of old age when after 3 weeks, I still have trouble getting up at 6am.  Seems like I am taking longer to adjust to a new routine this new year.  I thought I had it down to a pat when I was planning my daily routine this year:
Get up at 6am, get our dear son ready for school, check and reply email, go to the gym, do my QT, send our dear daughter to school, do some work/run errands..........

Reads like a good plan right?  Wrong.  It seems when you are trying to run your life like clockwork, Murphy's law will come into play. So there are some mornings I drag myself out of bed to get dear son ready for school, only to tumble back to bed when he leaves.  So much for the list of activities I had planned.  Then there are days the kids make my plans go awry.   After some frustrations at how unproductive I am on some days, I now have come to realised that a plan is just that, a plan.  While it is good to have daily goals, I need to be more relaxed when things don't go according to schedule. So what if I didn't get to blog today?  So what if I missed my workout?   What is more important to me is that I can be there for my kids.  I am blessed that I can be there to witness the adorable things they say and do, be the first to give my son a pat on his back for doing well in his spelling test or just hug them when they need some TLC.  Work can wait. :)

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