Monday, April 19, 2010

How to Accessorise Your Tops With Style

Have you ever agonized over what jewellery to go with your outfit? I sure do.   And it doesn't help matters when I am running late and rushing to leave the house.  So, I did a little research to bring you a few simple guidelines you can follow when matching jewellery to your tops or dresses.

Generally, try to match the gemstone colours in your jewellery to those found in your outfits.  If you plan to wear attention grabbing necklace or earrings, then go easy on the other pieces of jewellery. Choose simple ones to match your statement piece or perhaps even none at all.  Balance is key.  You don't want to look like a Christmas tree!

Round neckline
Pick a short necklace, for example, a simple strand of pearls or beads.  For more formal occasions, wear something with a little sparkle. I love Swarovski crystals because they give the right amount of bling while being easy on your pocket.

V neckline
With V necklines, there already is a visual frame created around your neck.  Go for a Y-drop necklace or statement pendants.  Your necklace should be a one to two inches above the V neckline or else it makes the neckline look messy.  If you want to wear earrings, choose simple ones to match your necklace.

Strapless tops or dresses
With strapless tops or dresses, there is lots more exposed skin and therefore, a larger area you can accessorise.   For day, a  delicate necklace worn as a long single strand really livens up a strapless blouse or dress.  Alternatively, you can also double it and wear one strand choker style and the second strand longer past your neckline.   For glam nights, go for a chunky choker style necklace to really jazz up your outfit.   

Halter top
With halter tops, pick large statement earrings such as chandelier or hoop earrings.

Open collar blouse
When wearing an open-collar blouse, there is not much skin exposed and your necklace with be partially covered by the collar.  Choose a chunky necklace that can still be seen when it's peeking out from the blouse. Or just wear a brooch closer to your face to add some sparkle.

High-necklines such as turtle neck or mandarin collar
With such high necklines, your necklace will have to sit on top of the fabric.  Choose a bold chunky necklace that will stand out against your top.  If you prefer more delicate jewellery,  double or triple up a long delicate strand of necklace. Alternatively, skip the necklace and just wear a pair of striking earrings. To show them off even more, you can wear your hair up or pinned back. 

Square neckline
A square neckline features sharp lines that cut straight across the upper body.  To soften and compliment such a neckline, go for a choker necklace or a long strand of necklace that go past the neckline, both which are flattering. 

Scoop neck
A scoop neck, also called a boat neck, gives quite a bit of space to work with.  To accessorise simply,  a single strand of pearl or gemstone necklace that sits just below the collar bone will accentuate the scoop neckline.   A large pendant sitting just above the neckline works well too.   Pair your necklace with matching ear studs or delicate earrings or ear hoops.

Try out the above tips and let me know what you think!

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