Friday, February 20, 2009

Now it's something else

Just when my kids have fully recovered, mummy here developed a terrible back pain. It hurts even to sneeze! Saw a physiotherapist yesterday and he helped ease the pain a little but today it feels like it's almost as bad as before. Physio says it's my jewelry making that caused it. Well, Looks like I have to see him again soon. Anyway, thank God that the exercises he taught me help to give momentary relief. Between the kids recovery and the back pain, I managed to work on a few pieces. I don't have the energy to set up my camera to take a proper shot so I quickly took a photo with my handphone before the I feel immobilized by the pain again. I quite like the irregular baroque freshwater pearls on the bracelet - don't you think it's rather organic?


Sara Kennedy said...

Hey Aivee! I haven't had time to read your past blogs but the pictures look really really good. The designs are great too... I'll wear them!

Ai-Vee said...

Thanks Sara for your encouraging comment. I guess I found something I could be passionate about.